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PHASE 3 (1967 - 1972)

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During this period, the first offshore well was drilled in the Central (Saltpond) basin. Attention began to focus on the prospectivity of the offshore sedimentary basins.

Sixteen (16) wells were drilled, two (2) onshore and fourteen (14) offshore and two milestone discoveries were made during this period. These are:


  • Seago 10-1well.

This well was spud on May 13 1970, by a consortium led by Amoco        Petroleum. It is the discovery well for the Saltpond Oil Field.


  •  Tano 1-1 (Volta Tano 1-1) well.

Spud on July 29, 1970 by Volta Petroleum Company. It is the discovery well for the North Tano Oil and Gas Field in the Tano basin.


Many of the wells had various degrees of oil and gas shows. For example, the Takoradi 11-1 well had encouraging gas shows. Subsequent re-mapping suggested strongly that the well was drilled off structure and could possibly have been a gas discovery if it had been located on the structure. Mobil Oil’s wells GH-5-A1 and GH-5-B1 offshore Cape Three Points had encouraging oil shows too.

In the Accra/Keta basin, there were oil shows in the Keta-1 well. The onshore Keta basin Dzita-1 well also had some gas shows.


Below is the list of wells drilled in the period.

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